It's a perfectly normal day at the beach -- with a magic-infused cowgirl?! In a city of monsters, our human hero is trying so hard to do journalism... but at what point does an interview just turn into a date?

Aster Asks! Volume 1: "Softness" is a soft-core porn Twine Comic. It's half Twine story, half comic -- and ALL titties!! Watch your main character get cuddled, snuggled, groped and kissed by a well-boobed cowgirl with 63 gorgeous digital illustrations and enough sappy, cute erotic prose to make you sick.

  • Titties titties titties: For the inaugural issue of Aster Asks!, "Softness" is all about what its name suggests
  • Fully illustrated: Digitally painted by a professional colorist and presented with zero compression, these are titties you could hang on the wall
  • Trans friendly erotica: Written and drawn by a trans woman, Aster Asks! is a peek into a universe where trans and nonbinary folks are the rule rather than the exception
  • Includes 1 desktop wallpaper and 3 phone wallpapers, if you're into that

Drool Cutie creates all sorts of horny nonsense over at her Twitter.

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(134 total ratings)
AuthorDrool Cutie
Made withTwine
TagsCute, Erotic, LGBT, Romance, Transgender, Twine
Average sessionAbout a half-hour


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its literally soft at al


ok I love this. it's rare to find something that combines cute/wholesome and naughty/lewd like this and the setting is beyond interesting. I hope there are more of these interviews  ^_^


adorable, nice job!




so good!! god this is exactly the content i love. soft, monster-girl focused, and incredibly booby. Great work with this one.

Absolutely love it.   Soft describes this project in almost every way possible, except my love for it.  I can't wait to see more from you, and the incredible world your creating.  

i fucking LOVE this 

Beautiful and helped me start to be more honest with my feelings :) truly inspirational




oh my god i loved this

it's such a sweet, fun, fluffy approach to sexy stuff, honestly this is like, my ideal version of what erotica should be like

can't wait to buy the next part!


absolutely cannot recommend this enough.

full of lovely fluffy heartfelt queer softness, as is Valerie's specialty <3


this is so so so so so so so so so so so so good like i cant overstate how good and nice this is

idk im not good with words but thank you so very very much this art feels good to look at i love all the nice colors and cute textures and stuff 

i hope you make more stuff like this because i would love to buy more stuff like this! 

one of my favorite things was seeing nat & lexie's cameo on the beach i love nat he's one of my favorite characters of yours it would be cool if you made another comic featuring those two sometime

but yeah like words are hard and this art is good and thank you for making it its really great


hokay so time for my fucking trilogy of novels to describe that i loved this
so like i have like 7000000 different ways of tackling why i loved this fucking comic so much so lets start simple and work our way to the more complicated and personal reasons
1: the art is fucking fantastic. i have always enjoyed your artstyle but like... the art for this one is tactile as all hell and i love it. just by looking at a characters shirt or something i could fucking feel that shirt. beyond everything else, (which, btw, is all fucking fantastic) that is my fave part of the art. 
2: the writing is incredibly well paced and thought out. ill get into the themes of the piece in a tick but on like just a mechanical level this is a treat to read. the writing flows and is used in conjunction, in tandem, in sync with the artwork, rather than each being made independent of one another.
3: lets not beat around the bush this is some good porn. again, themes and theories and personal meaning will be dealt with later, but just the artwork? and the mood of the piece? and how the characters interact and engage? fucking hot. 

cool so now that the "easy" more general discussion is done, i wanna talk about what this means to me.
im autistic, so seeing drippy, an autistic peep, have a blast and talk about how she feels and how that affects her in a way that is so normal, its really comforting. there was no awkward "hey this is how the autism works" dump, no page and a half explaining special interests, and while those have their place of course, its super nice just... for once, seeing an autistic character not have to explain, and by extension justify, themselves while also not just setting those traits aside. I also love how tactile the porn is, like... this whole thing they did was drippy bringing aster into just how important feeling and texture is to her by making them feel precisely the same way that she (and in a kinda similar vein, any autistic peep) does when Good Texture Happens; for example, the emphasis on warmth, softness, and weight was just Very Good and True
along with this, one of the major themes of the story, "friendship is an arbitrary concept and its more important to care for and be affectionate with your friends in any way everyone's happy to be than to try and follow some arbitrary rules as to what is an okay friend thing to do and what isnt" is one that i have held for-fucking-ever and is really important to me and i care a lot and its straight up an agenda i push (which, in no small part, was developed due to your tweets about smooching friends), and its delightful to see something that revels in that and just aaaaaaaaa aster and drippy have the Ideal Friendship
and like? the whole fact that it was porn? fucking great. i thoroughly dislike porn that treats itself as vapid and disposable, and adore porn that states not only can a porn story have meaning and themes outside of the porn, but also that porn can tell stories and convey meaning that can only possibly exist inside porn. so much of the porn i see is throwaway trash because it treats itself like such, but honestly i would read this even if it wasnt hot, cuz the story is touching and gentle and kind and Just Good Literature (and also trans inclusive porn is Validating to The Me for Reasons)
also i went into this thinking i wouldnt be into it because im not a tits person but as it turns out, im not a "tits are an object to be enjoyed in isolation" person but rather a "people with tits who want their tits to be enjoyed have fucking delightful tits" person and this story was That and thats so good and i want more of just like "hey instead of focusing on people as Bits that are Fun, lets focus on people who are delighted to be focused on as Bits that are Fun and are having a fucking blast"
anyways before i literally make a feature length novel ill try to summand: this porn makes me feel warm. this porn makes me feel happy. this porn makes me feel valid and real and gives me advice and smiles at me and pats my head and tells me everythings gonna be okay and ill eventually be as open and loving as i wanna be with everyone i care about and says "fuck yeah denim sucks and rough shirts can die, soft things forever and ever" and like id normally say "i love it both as porn and as a story" but here those two things are inseperable and also being open and loving and caring and kind while also being monstrous (read: trans), precisely because of being monstrous (trans) is just so good and helps me think about whether or not im an enby (a two or three year long struggle that i still havent come to an affirmative answer on as to If Boyyo or Demiboyyo) and just is so positive and Good and makes me think more positively about my own squishiness and my own... yeah they're tits lets not lie amongst friends theyre gropeable bits on my chest therefore titties 

and yes, this also makes me horny. yes, that is the point of porn. but maybe treating everything i wrote up above as being either antithetical or separate to being horny is defeating the point. maybe feeling warm and cozy and happy is what being horny should feel like.

i love drippy
i love aster
thank you so much for making this
please enjoy the 20 bucks
i hope this makes you happy